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Linggo, Abril 28, 2013

Just when you thought...

Just when you think that things won't go worse, it does. Funny how things turn out the way you don't want them to be. You're wearing your favorite white shirt, and then suddenly while you're walking on the street, it starts to rain. You run for the nearest shelter, but then you realize that there are nothing near to act as protection against the rain. You try to run as if you are evading all the tiny drops that come falling from the sky, but to no avail. And just to make matters worse, you also have to evade all the mud that splashes whenever a rushing car passes by. You think that things couldn't get worse than this, and to your surprise, it does. You left your key inside your locker at school, and you have to run back to get it. After painstakingly getting your key, you go inside your room, open your bag, and suddenly realize that you just bought an umbrella this morning...

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