Pizza Ever Day

Linggo, Abril 28, 2013


I was browsing through some of the old photos I have (those that were taken around 2 years ago), and I noticed that I looked different. 
I look a lot better now. Hehe..
except of pimples..<hahaha>

Kidding aside, I actually look better now. Browsing through the pictures was like seeing the evolution of a being - which, in this case is, me. 

I gained a few pounds, so now I don't look like a walking skeleton.

I dress better, and I don't look like someone who has no sense of fashion whatsoever.

I pose better. I don't look *that* stupid in front of the camera (I actually learned how to smile - thanks to Steph for this one).

I have a better aura - not the usual haggard, exhausted, I feel like dying thing.

Good thing the pictures are there to prove it. Hehe...

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